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Mashari - Owner / Microblading Artist


Hello, beautiful! Gone are the days of those overplucked 90’s brows. No more looking at the mirror to only find out you sweat off your brows in this Houston heat. Go ahead and ditch that brow pencil, it’s 2017! 


As a microblading artist my first priority is for you to feel as comfortable with me from the beginning all the way until you walk out my door! I hope to give you the same confidence when you look in the mirror that I had after my first session (thanks Alanis Morsette.)  


Beauty has always been a passion for me, from a little girl painting my nails every day to the everyday creativity you see in life. The joy of adding confidence to people’s lives, mixed with the mere pleasure of meeting so many new and different people each day has lead me down the path of microblading. With over eight years in marketing I have found a way to intertwine all things I love about life.. now that is what I call beauty. 


I am a certified microblading artist by Carrie L. Hunt Academy. More services are to come soon.. 


In my free time you can find me tearing up the dance floor to every Michael Jackson song to exist, or yelling at the TV when the Cowboys are winning Also, a little Grey’s Anatomy binge session is always great for the soul.. 



Mashari -     

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