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Oh Hey, Austin!

First of all, (that's a thing right) we are so so excited to The Brow Studio is now in the 512 making eyebrows great again.

Well, now that we are here, what exactly is The Brow Studio?

In simple terms, we create a natural looking eyebrow mimicking hair strokes via a hand held blade to create a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo - also known as microblading.

Why Austin?

After 6 months in Houston we decided that Austin needs us more. Plus the great tacos, music, and weirdness of it all, how can we not want to be here?

Who is the artist?

Mashari, owner and artist has always had a passion for beauty and after spending 8 years in marketing she took the leap and opened up The Brow Studio. We have been in Austin two weeks now and already loving everything it has to offer.. event the cold!

Located in Downtown Austin, The Brow Studio hopes to bring self-confidence and happiness to everyone we come in contact with. For more information please visit our home page.


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