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Are you the right candidate for microblading?

As much as I would think I would get this question, I rarely do. Truth is, microblading may not be right for everyone. As we search for these great natural brows, there a few things you should consider before taking the plunge. Now just because you may not be the right candidate for microblading doesn’t mean that there aren’t options out there for you! Check out the list below to discover what is best for you to achieve fabulous eyebrows!

Dry-Normal Skin

This is the best skin for microblading as your healed results will find crisp, natural looking strokes.

Normal – Oily Skin

As microblading may be an option for you it is always best to see how much ink you retain after your first session. If you find that retention is low, you may want to opt for a powder brow.

Oily Skin – Fitzpatrick 4

Oily skin usually has very little to no retention with microblading. A shading/powder brow will be your best option to achieve that everyday look.

Of course, how you decide to follow your aftercare makes the world of difference on how you will heal and how many touch ups you may need. If you have any questions on what procedure will be best for you, please ask your artist as many questions as possible! Remember, this is a huge decision and we want you to be fully happy by the end of the process. 😊

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